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Welcome to Love2Homeschool

Classes are currently held at The Cherry Tree!

We offer a full array of Home School Classes in the Lake Mary/Sanford area of Seminole County, plus Home School Support, Training, Field Trips, Performing Arts, Tutoring, High school credit recovery, SAT Prep, and more.

Love-2-Homeschool has the opportunity to expand this year in a new facility that will allow us to provide more. This beautiful building includes several classrooms, qualified teachers, and even a playground. We are incorporating iPad’s in grades 3rd Grade- 12th Grade for families who are interested. We have a unique plan compared to other Co-ops and groups.


Our Mission-

To create a positive, uplifting environment for students to learn within a group, as well as to help parents teach their children at home. We provide tools, resources, classes, and tutoring to help all parents educate their children.


Our Philosophy-

Every student is created with a capacity to learn. If we as parents and teachers provide the resources and exciting environment, they will Love to Learn. That’s what we all desire!


Our Future-

To impact families by sharing resources, and starting more Love2Homeschool centers to reach out to home school families, as well as provide services to private and public school students.


Private School Covering-

We recommend that all high school students use a private school covering in order to receive a diploma. The best covering we know of is Home Life Academy, recognized in all 50 states.

For more information, look here- www.homelifeacademy.com

Our greatest desire is that students will Love2Homeschool!